TIDDTax Increment Development District (tax financing method)
TIDDTimber Industry Development Division (Forestry Commission of Ghana)
TIDDTexas Instruments Disk Drive
TIDDTravel Industry Discount Directory
TIDDTrust in Digital Data (France)
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To check this unhealthy practice FSD should make available to TIDD all approved yield to serve as a check on the volumes of each timber species that can be legally traded.
Official reports on illegal logging from FSD annual reports (2000-2011) and TIDD export statistics on timber products did not segregate illegal harvest by origin.
According to Henry G Coleman, trade and industry manager of the TIDD, "the engagement of chain-saw operators in such alternative livelihood programmes will go a long way to curbing the illegal activities of the chain-saw lumber trade.
A 'Timber Requirement' survey conducted in June 2002 by TIDD among major wood user institutions and agencies, including real estate developers, shows the constraints they face in obtaining timber supplies from Ghana's registered sawmills.
A study on sawmill timber conducted by TIDD two years ago indicates that supplies of a total of 102,363 cubic metres are made annually to the local market.
The Tidds said they have tossed around some ideas for setting work schedules, such as not working from 5 to 7 p.
The Tidds said they get comments from many couples who say they could never work together.
The connection was made because the Tidds know Akers' parents and Steinburg and Steve Tidd are both Ridge To River competitors.