TIDSTime Insertion Distribution Systems
TIDSTravel Industry Designator Service
TIDSTactical Information Distribution System
TIDSTactical Integrated Digital System
TIDSTriggers and Targeted Injury Detection Systems (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
TIDSTower Integrated Display System
TIDSTrident Integrated Data System
TIDSTantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome
TIDSTactical Information Display System
TIDSTracking ID Server (Arbor BP Billing System)
TIDSTrincomalee Islamic Development Society (Sri Lanka)
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Because we are concerned that utilities may leave this too late, we are embarking on an awareness programme by reaching out to all STS users and providing a platform that will facilitate technical support and guidance to users during the implementation of the TID rollover programme.
During the STSA's metering workshop on "Standard Transfer Specification and token ID rollover event in 2024," the industry will be urged to upgrade to STS600 as soon as possible, start manufacturing new meters on the 2014 base date and to start the TID rollover programme soonest.
Olgular gunde 25 dakika, haftada 3 gun, 5 hafta, toplam 15 seans olarak TIDS ile denge egitimi aldilar (Sekil 1).
Bulgularimiza gore, Parkinson hastalarinin TIDS ile denge egitimi sonrasinda, egitim oncesine gore TUG, BDT, FUT, TAU ve dusme risklerinde duzelmeler saptanmistir.
The agency will allow low-acid canned food manufacturers who follow the proposed rule to change immediately from the currently required MIGs to alternative TIDs. Although these TIDs remain out-of-compliance until the proposal is finalized, FDA will consider, on a case-by-case basis, exercising its enforcement discretion if the new devices are used in a manner consistent with the proposed rule.
Histories and physical examinations generated 633 effective TIDs (excluding those in patients previously diagnosed at, or with test results performed at, other medical facilities) among 540 new outpatients.
In total, 1137 tests contributed to 398 URs generated among 540 new outpatients with 633 TIDs. Basic diagnostic tests constituting the ELT(1) made up 44% of the total tests contributing to UR.
Halften av sjukskoterskoma upplevde att de hade mer tid for patientema efter implementering av PNV (5).
Sjukskoterskan maste ha tid for att kunna bemota patientens svar och skapa en god vardrelation som framjar halsa.