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TIEGTGFB (Transforming Growth Factor Beta) Inducible Early Gene
TIEGTGFB (Transforming Growth Factor Beta) Inducible Early Growth Response (antibody)
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Roger Tiegs won A division singles, hitting 97 out of 100 targets and beating Vann by three, and the A Division doubles title hitting 96 out of 100 targets to beat Josh Tiegs by three.
Trust researchers use different terms and scales for measuring trust in the organisational context (Fried, Tiegs & Bellamy 1992, Robinson & Rousseau 1994, McAllister 1995).
producer of natural quartz surfaces, today said model Cheryl Tiegs will serve as its national spokesperson.
The mod waif of the swinging '60s gave way to the California surfer-girl appeal of Cheryl Tiegs a decade later; and today's "it" model has a definitive look, too, says Brigitte Heininger of Miami's Irene Marie Model Management.
The Mediterranean-style property - once owned by supermodel Cheryl Tiegs - is on the city's upmarket West Side and has its own cinema, swimming pool and spa.
But the Washington Supreme Court stated in Tiegs v.
SUPERMODEL Cheryl Tiegs just loved the way her yoga instructor tied her up in knots - so she married him.
At five feet, ten inches, and 120 pounds, Tiegs offered a variety of dieting tips, including:
Cheese Founder), Michio Kaku (futurist, author, physicist and entrepreneur), Daymond John (Host of ABC's Shark Tank), Cheryl Tiegs (model, actress and entrepreneur), Michael Robertson (Founder of MP3.
For David Cameron it was Cheryl Tiegs in a tiny pink bikini, for me it was Donny Osmond in a tank top and purple bunnet.
On being asked about his first celebrity crush during an interview for Tesco Magazine, Cameron said: "I'm afraid, like everyone else, I think I had that poster of Cheryl Tiegs on my wall," the Daily Mail reported.