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Wash Williams and George Willard arose from the pile of railroad ties and walked along the tracks toward town.
I created Hex Tie to appeal to my artist soul while also using my passion and drive as an entrepreneur.
The kids put on the ties, and all of the sudden, they're, like, 'Good morning, ma'am,''' said Marsh Kline, the school's math coach.
The men's necktie retailer has sold thousands of ties across the country and is now gaining a foothold in brick and mortar locations.
New England will clinch a first-round bye with a win combined with a Steelers loss, or a win combined with a Jaguars loss/tie, or a tie and a Jaguars loss.
At $15 each, knit ties come either as a traditional skinny tie or a bow tie for a trendy, but functional, look.
Traditional ties are being ditched in favour of the neater and safer clip-ons.
The ties, which the producers call "automatic," are tied together by a zipper in the back and can be washed in hot water up to 45 degrees Celsius.
Television commentator Tucker Carlson no longer wears his signature bow ties and the MIT beaver mascot is now going tieless, but Joe Plaud remains a big fan.
31) IBM and Remington Rand agreed with each other to simultaneously tie leases on tabulating machines to purchases of tabulating cards.
A recent study by market research company Mintel showed sales of ties were expected to be worth no less than pounds 162million this year.
If the customer is utilizing a vertical, a closed-door horizontal or an open-end auto tie baler, perforating plastic containers is required," Pfeffer says.