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TIETTennenbaum Institute for Enterprise Transformation (Georgia Tech University)
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The final encoder output sequence is Nen du lieu nham giam kich thuoc du lieu de tang toc do truyen cung nhu tiet kiem khong gian luu tru.
Therefore, we investigated consumption of porcine tiet canh in northern Vietnam and explored community perceptions regarding associated disease risks.
In addition, many studies demonstrated that individuals who leave substance abuse treatment programs with high abstinence specific self efficacy have lower relapse rates than individuals who leave treatment with low abstinence specific self efficacy (Ilgen, McKellar & Moos, 2007; Ilgen, Tiet, Finney & Moos, 2006; Moos & Moos, 2006).
Gedichten kunnen vormen zijn van "eenzaam redeneren / Met af en toe een tiet en een dij daarbij".
He looks out the window at the stalled traffic and the polluted Tiet River.
They have just one defeat in ten games, last week's FA Trophy tiet at Carlton Town, while Chipstead, in the bottom four of Ryman One South, were given a 7-1 Trophy pasting at Leighton Townk.
My wife Linda and I were in Phan Tiet, supping cold drinks - our pounds 3 cocktail boasted whisky, Baileys and ice cream - while looking out over the crashing waves of the South China Sea.
Et comme si s'evellainent en moi, etourdies, folles, sortant d'un coup du long brouillard out elles s'estaient crues mortes, des vies comme des foules et se bousculant a l'instant de miracle d'une fete, ma main tiet une fleur et la porte a ses levres.
VIETNAM Take long walks on the ocean front beside the sand dunes at Phan Tiet and laze on the tropical beaches of the Mui Ne peninsula.
Protective factors promote positive, healthy psychological outcomes and decrease risk behavior (Garmezy, 1985, 1991; Masten & Garmezy, 1985; Rutter, 1990; Tiet et al.
THElovelysilk The lovely silk tiet that we were eying onebay last week went for a bargain pounds 26.