TIFACTechnology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council (India)
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He said that as a technology think-tank, besides giving technology foresight and scientific reports, TIFAC should also be thinking about the basic problems of the countrymen and their innovative solutions as well.
Anil Kakodkar, Chairman TIFAC said that Technology Vision 2035 is not the culmination of an exercise, but it will be a beginning to develop and diffuse technologies that can fulfill the aspirations and expectations of our people.
Prabhat Ranjan, Executive Director, TIFAC presented them an overview of TIFAC activities and highlighted the importance of technology foresight and the role it plays not only in S&T landscape.
TIFAC, ICMR and other stakeholders decided to join hands to carry forward this initiative.
Secretary, Department of Official Languages Shri Girish Shankar congratulated TIFAC on its initiative.
TTSL claims to offer consistent and accurate far-field antenna measurements using modern indoor and outdoor open antenna range facilities available at the TIFAC Core in wireless technologies.