TIFDTax Increment Finance District (Montana and New Hampshire)
TIFDTulsa International Folk Dancers (Tulsa, OK)
TIFDTax Index of Financial Data (Malta)
TIFDTransfer Instruction for Delivery
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TIFD III-E challenged the notices of adjustment in district court.
However, the Second Circuit remanded the case to the district court for consideration of TIFD III-E's further argument that, regardless of the outcome of the Culbertson inquiry, the banks qualified as partners under Sec.
The Second Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the TIFD III-E Inc.
TIFD III-E was a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric Capital Corp.
The Service was also successful in attacking an "abusive" arrangement, arguing that a purported interest in a partnership constituted a debt, thus causing a reallocation of income to the other partners; see TIFD III-E, Inc.
2005) (finding various tax advice privileged under both attorney-client and statutory privileges); TIFD III-E Inc.
contingent liability tax shelter transaction); TIFD III-E Inc.