TIGGETHORPEX (The Observing System Research and Predictability Experiment) Interactive Grand Global Ensemble (World Meteorological Organization)
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Our discussion will be quite brief, since the history, accomplishments, and goals of TIGGE were recently described in Swinbank et al.
While our forecasts had the capability of looking at the spread in forecast relative humidity from TIGGE ensemble members, none of the public health officials were interested in using this capability.
Holland and Tigges (1981) proposed that, "the occupational role performance paradigm .
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In "A Feminist Mirage of the New Life: Utopian Elements in The Story of an African Farm", Wim Tigges explains how Olive Schreiner's novel qualifies as a feminist utopian novel in its presenting alternative ways of womanhood as well as of manhood.
That the usually admirable Wayne Tigges sounded seriously off-form as Pharaoh, with raspy bottom notes and a strenuous top, suggested as much; by the climax of his aria in Act I, he seemed visibly to be fighting his dramatic straitjacket.