TIGHARThe International Group for Historic Airplane Recovery (aviation archaeological foundation)
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But Ballard and TIGHAR researchers believe tides would have dragged the plane into deeper waters by the time it arrived at Nikumaroro.
Tighar Tracks 1998;14(2), https://tighar.org/Publications/TTracks/14_2/14-2B ones.html.
In November of 1988, TIGHAR launched the Earhart Project for the purpose of "investigating the Earhart/Noonan disappearance according to accepted academic standards and using sound scientific methodology," according to its website.
"The History Channel show completely ignored the elephant in the room - the abundance of solid evidence TIGHAR has uncovered in twelve expeditions and over 28 years of scientific research," Gillespie added in a separate press release.
The dogs - Berkeley, Piper, Marcy and Kayle - have been sponsored by National Geographic as part of TIGHAR's eight-day expedition.
The expedition named Niku VIII, is expected to cost about 3-million-dollars and will be relying on two Hawaiian Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL) manned submersibles, Pisces IV and Pisces V, each carrying a pilot and two TIGHAR observers.
He contends that TIGHAR discovered the wreckage years ago, but concealed the evidence in an effort to get more funding for unnecessary searches.
After each session, the data from the AUV's suite of onboard sensors was reviewed by TIGHAR and Phoenix International sonar imagery experts to identify potential targets of interest.
According to TIGHAR, the 18-person research crew aims to locate, identify, and photograph any and all surviving aircraft wreckage that they believe may be in the deep waters surrounding Nikumaroro (formerly Gardner Island), an uninhabited coral atoll in the southwestern-Pacific Republic of Kiribati.
TIGHAR's collection is what really made a difference in the book.
The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) has found several artifacts and bones that they believe belonged to Earhart on the Pacific island of Nikumaroro (see map, left).
Now the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) is trying to raise funds to pull the plane from the sands.