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TIGRThe Institute for Genomic Research
TIGRTactical Ground Reporting
TIGRTreasury Investment Growth Receipt
TIGRThermally Induced Gallium Removal
TIGRThis Is Getting Ridiculous
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Ratios of insulin peaks, declines, and delayed peaks of the TNGT, TIGR, and TDM groups were 15.
Companies using TIGR can store data in a common database, which enables easier analysis, collaboration, and information-sharing.
Bjorck is the Principle Investigator for the first clinical study of the TIGR Matrix Surgical Mesh that recently completed enrollment.
InSite Vision's intellectual property portfolio includes pending, allowed and issued claims based on the identification of the TIGR gene and its association with certain forms of glaucoma.
Richard Lim, TIGR Publisher and President, City Bank.
Currently, Venter holds the position of chairman of the board at TIGR.
Over 200 invited TIGR correspondents, business, community, government leaders, media will be attending Fifth Annual TIGR Awards Banquet to be held Aug.
In fact, Read's group reports in an upcoming Science that there are only 11 small points of difference in the DNA sequences of the main chromosomes of the lethal Florida strain and the one TIGR was already studying.
In return for a free hand in choosing research projects, TIGR would give proprietary commercial rights to any major discoveries it made to a profit-making enterprise named Human Genome Sciences (HGS).
The TIGR report takes a monthly look at different industries with high growth potential.