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TIGRATransnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action (Oakland, CA)
TIGRAThe Independent Glass Recyclers Association (UK)
TIGRAThermostimulated Inert Gas Release Analysis
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The Tigra framework is now a fourth generation product and it is "the best version that has been released so far" according to Nathan Wan.
EVIDENCE Pictures of the wreckage of the Tigra and the backpack which Lee had been carrying on the day RANTING Adebolajo during his police interview
The Astra was a pounds 4,900 write-off and the Tigra needed almost pounds 7,000 worth of repairs, the court heard.
The Tigra had crashed just yards past a sign warning motorists there had been 59 collisions at the spot in the previous three years.
The turbo is rarer than rocking horse droppings and the Tigra isn't imported as a used car in big numbers either so the chances are that if you are looking at a used Tigra it will be a 1.
The Tigra was honoured for its low fuel consumption at 4.
The new Tigra, introduced in the autumn, also boasts many intricately designed details including the aluminium roll-over bar and the indicator lights integrated into the side air inlets.
WHEN the original Opel Tigra was launched in back in 1994 it created something of a stir in Europe.
Gutsman and Felix get into an argument; Gutsman slugs Felix; Tigra calls off the wedding and kicks Gutsman out.
Proportions are a challenge with a retractable hardtop," says Wayne Holger, assistant chief designer, Opel Tigra Twin Top, but it wasn't the only challenge the development team faced.
Vauxhall has just confirmed that it is to name its stylish new two seater sporty coupe roadster the Tigra -the second niche model to bear the name.