TIGTATreasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
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As TIGTA notes, the Service uses NRP data to estimate annual EITC
Camus stated that, when TIGTA investigated the attempted access of the AGI for the "prominent individual," TIGTA determined that the FAFSA application and the DRT were used in the attempt.
The IRS organized extensive employer outreach and employee education programs to handle the new 1095-C and 1094-C filings, and it successfully developed a system for processing the incoming forms, TIGTA officials say.
For the 2015 returns, which were processed in 2016, IRS program errors led to IRS premium tax credit amount calculation errors for 31,493 returns, TIGTA says.
According to TIGTA, a total of 154 addresses across the United States appeared on a thousand or more ITIN applications submitted to the IRS.
In its examination of the 2006 PACI, TIGTA said the IRS had improved but
223) In addition, in a June 2005 audit report, TIGTA found that the user fee reduced the volume of offers filed at all income levels.
79) TIGTA also reported that the program was more effective and less expensive than the Service's own internal method of selecting tax returns for audit.
136) See US, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), System Errors and Lower than Expected Tax Return Volumes Affected the Implementation of the Modernized e-File System for Individual Tax Return Processing (Ref No 2010-40-111) (Washington, DC: TIGTA, 8 September 2010); US, TIGTA, Modernizede-File Will Enhance Processing of Electronically Filed Individual Returns, but System Development and Security Need Improvement (Washington, DC: TIGTA, 26 May 2010).
The report from the TIGTA found that the IRS is already researching the needs of individual taxpayers, but is only really starting to devote sufficient resources to that process with small-business taxpayers.
Along the way, the TIGTA uncovered hundreds of thousands of IRAs where excess contributions and less than minimum distributions were the norm.
Stakeholder representatives, IRS officials, and TIGTA have indicated that determining adequate shareholder compensation is highly subjective and hinders compliance and enforcement.