TIHLTomorrow International Holdings Limited
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As part of the transaction, APM Terminals and TIHL will reduce their voting rights via the introduction of non-voting ordinary shares.
The companies have signed a shareholders' agreement, under which APM Terminals and TIHL will act as equal partners providing for the joint control of Global Ports and its operational management.
2] TIHL, [ETH][cedilla] [ETH]1/2[ETH][micro] [ETH]3/4[ETH]*[ETH][degrees][ETH][paragraph]NN [ETH][sup.
2][ETH]'[ETH][micro][ETH]1/2N [ETH][cedilla] [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees]NN[ETH]3/4N[ETH]3/4[ETH][paragraph][ETH][micro][ETH]1/2N N[ETH][micro][ETH]1/4 N[ETH][degrees][ETH]*N[ETH]3/4[ETH]1/4, NN[ETH]3/4 TIHL, [ETH]1/4[ETH][micro][ETH]1/2[ETH][micro][ETH][acute accent][ETH][paragraph][ETH]1/4[ETH][micro][ETH]1/2N [ETH][cedilla] [ETH][acute accent][ETH][cedilla]N[ETH][micro][ETH]*N[ETH]3/4N[ETH][degrees] [ETH] [ETH]3/4N[ETH][micro]NN[ETH]'[ETH][cedilla] N[ETH]3/4[ETH][sup.
5% stake in the Group to become the second largest shareholder besides TIHL.
Once the deal is closed TIHL and APM Terminals will run the company on a parity basis (the other 25% represent free float).
3% of treasury shares) for $400m, TIHL, the controlling shareholder of Globaltrans, sold its shares to get up to $70m.
1] [ETH][degrees][ETH]*N[ETH][cedilla][ETH]3/4[ETH]1/2[ETH][micro]N [ETH]*[ETH]3/4[ETH]1/4[ETH] [ETH][degrees][ETH]1/2[ETH][cedilla][ETH][cedilla], TIHL, [ETH][sup.
TIHL also controls the NaTrans transportation business group.
As part of the offering, Globaltrans will purchase from TIHL a controlling interest in railway operator Balttransservice with a focus on crude and products transportation for USD250 mn.