TIIRTruncated Infinite Impulse Response
TIIRTurpentine-Induced Inflammatory Reaction
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The geometry of our TIIR problem can be described as illustrated in Figure 1 where the tree-body is circularly scanned by a directive antenna for a total of M distinct look-aspects covering the whole azimuth angles.
Our method is more practical and has faster migration method to be applied for TIIR applications.
To assess the effectiveness of our TIIR detection/imaging algorithm with real experimental data, we have constructed a measurement test-bed at our anechoic chamber of Mersin University's Advanced Technologies Research Center (MEATRC) facility.
After applying our sinusoidal template-based focusing algorithm, the TIIR image of this simulation for the experiment was gathered as plotted in Figure 6(b).
Next, we have employed our sinusoidal template based focusing algorithm to migrate the data from range-aspect domain to the image domain such that we have obtained the final TIIR image of the tree trunk as depicted in Figure 6(d).
On this scope, we have introduced a new algorithm based on summation of raw data over sinusoidal templates to be effectively used for TIIR or similar applications.
Caption: Figure 2: Simulation geometry for the TIIR algorithm.
Caption: Figure 4: The measurement set-up for the TIIR experiment.