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TIISTwin (Time-domain Wavelength Interleaved Network) Iterative Independent Set
TIISTreasury Inflation-Indexed Securities
TIISTechnology Institution of Industrial Safety (Japan)
TIISTransactions on Internet and Information Systems (journal; Korean Society for Internet Information)
TIISTransactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (Association for Computing Machinery)
TIISThermal Imaging Inspection Station
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The liquidity premium stems from the fact that the market for TIIS is less liquid than the market for nominal Treasury securities.
* Since 1997, yields on TIIS have been surprisingly high relative to yields on comparable nominal Treasury securities, with the spread between yields falling, on average, well below survey measures of long-run inflation expectations.
The difference between the TIIS yield and that of nominal Treasury securities should be a very good measure of expected inflation: A conventional Treasury instrument's yield should equal the yield on an otherwise similar TIIS plus the expected inflation rate and a premium for inflation risk--the extra return investors require because inflation may be higher or lower than expected.
Analytical techniques designed to extract estimates of real interest rates from TIIS yields-to-maturity must take into account several important institutional features, however.
Interestingly, although long-term nominal interest rates backed off modestly from their summer levels, the yield on 10-year Treasury inflation-indexed securities (TIIS) fell more substantially.
[1] Feng, B., Zhou, H., Zhang, M., and Zhang, H, "Cache-Filter: A Cache Permission Policy for Information-Centric Networking," KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (TIIS), vol.9, no.12, pp.
"This is to address the flood woes kaya kunting tiis na lang at matapos na rin ito, Delos Santos further stressed..
She gave advice on talents who are roughing it and waiting for their own big break: 'Tyaga at tiis lang dadaloy din ang ginhawa.
Treasury inflation-indexed securities (TIIS), which adjust their principal and interest for inflation, provide a direct measure of real rates.
Alden Richards on getting buffed-up for a new project: 'I'm on intermittent fasting-fasting for 16 hours, then you eat eight hours, in moderation pa rin.' (Tiis guwapo.)