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TIKATürk Isbirligi ve Kalkinma Idaresi Baskanligi (Turkish: Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency; Turkey)
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As a result of the rift between Agar and al-Hilu, the Blue Nile state witnessed in June and August 2017 tribal clashes between the Angsana of Malik Agar and the Uduk, an ethnic group supporting self-determination led by Tika.
OsmanoviA reminded that a reconstruction of the Museum roof will be carried out using the US Ambassador's Fund and that they expect that TIKA would help with the reconstruction of windows and doors.
Yama is believed to met Yamuna after a long time and Yamuna applied a tika on her brother's forehead and prayed for his well being.
a big draw Kate, with tika spot, is focuses on picture yesterday
The tika or a red mark is applied to the forehead of each dog.
24 (SUNA) The Minister of Council of Ministers, Ahmed Saad Omer, has apprecieayed the great roles being played by the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination TIKA, for provding the humanitarian assistance in the eduction, health and housing fields, describing the projects it implement as contributing to formation of the cultural and social ties between Turkey and the other world.
After the meeting, President Ivanov and Deputy Prime Minister Kurtulmus, together with the representatives of TIKA, attended the ceremony of opening of the reconstructed square in the village of Dedeli, Valandovo Municipality.
During their meeting, Education Minister Abdul-Razzaq al-Ashwal and director of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) office in Yemen Faruk Bozgoz discussed the possible ways to enhance the cooperation relations between Yemen and TIKA in the educational sector.
Tika Khan, who was among those released by Taliban, said militants treated them well in captivity.
Despite all the effort, TIKA had only 12 Program Coordination Office's (POCs) and activities in merely 28 countries between 1992 and 2002.
TIKA is already at work in Imaret Mosque, Bozdag said.
TIKA officials told Anadoly Agency that the agency had been undertaking projects in order to develop education, health, capacity improvement and economic infrastructure in Afghanistan.