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Tilar said that he conveyed to President Al-Bashir the thanks of President Salva Kiir over the honorable stance of Sudan to host the southern citizens who are fleeing the incidents in South Sudan.
Like Tilar Mazzeo's recent book, Plagiarism and Literary Property in the Romantic Period, Macfarlane's maps a discourse of literary originality and its opposites, historicizing the concept of plagiarism as an evolving barometer or Rorschach blot: what authors say about the subject reveals a whole range of ideas about the creative mind, aesthetic criteria, intellectual property, and literary history.
Christian Leezer, First Name Legal Name, Nikkita Lehto, Mariah Lennen, Tilar Lepp, Ashley Leupold, Alexander Lewis, Samantha Little, Michael Long, Erika Lopez, Kelsey Love, Anders Lovendahl, Aubrey MacDonald, Taylor Maher, Kyle Marr, Hannah Mattison, Sam McCaskill, Stephanie McCumsey, Samone McDaniel, Karen McGhehey, Devon McGinley, Matthew McMichael, Grace Mehlhaff, Curran Mendez, Angela Merfeld, Madelaine Meyer, Molly Meyer, Dillon Miller, Nicole Miller, Rachel Milstein, Halle' Mitchell, Brennen Mock, Zachary Moldowan, Andrea Moore, Brandon Moore, Emily Morison, Garrett Morris, Ashley Mowles, Lindsea Nance, Taylor Nees, Alexandra Nelson, Lydia Nichols, Alexandra Nielson, Christian Nilsen, Dakota Nix,
Marguerite Helmers and Tilar Mazzeo (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, forthcoming)
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The 20 graduates include Mary Bagnall-Tarpley, Kaitlin Berg, Tasha Blair, Tilar Blair, Cameron Derrick, James Dillard, Elyssa Emel, Rochelle Hescock, Will Hollamon, Crystal Huckins, Ayla Kelley, Tracie Losey, Sierra Marshall, Rio Morris, Shay-Lee Morris, Tyler Newman, Jake Rice, Rebekah Sartin, Jordan St.
For those who believe in serendipity - that delicious word for good things falling into place when least expected - meet Amber Swayne, Chelsea Phillips, Katie Fortuna, Kendra Lister, Kristina Tamburrini, Tilar Lepp and Zoe Duvall.
John Mueller directs a cast of 20 including Tilar Allen, Danielle Chambers, Kendra Chambers, Liza Clark, Steven Clevenger, Alec Crisman, Sidney Davie, Brianna Davis, Cassy Harris, Madeleine Hoffmeister, Lindsey Johnson, McKenzie Johnston, Ben Letaw, Caleb Middleton, Stephanie Morgan, Jinny Nordquist, Claire Parmenter, Alexandra Pearman, Quinn Stearns, Teija Stearns, Ellie Ward and Sammie Ward.