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Based on guidelines for effective online instruction such as the Quality Matters (QM) Standards (2014) and the 2016 Online Learning Consortium's (OLC) Quality Course Teaching and Instructional Practice Scorecard, this paper shares ideas, strategies, and tools used by TILC members to engage their students in online learning.
Students frequently provide positive feedback regarding increased social presence and personable characteristics of courses designed by TILC members because they value seeing and interacting with their peers and instructors, which makes Zoom the TILC's go-to synchronous meeting application.
After Hurricane Irma, TILC members communicated well with students with both Remind and Google Voice due to their flexibility and adaptability to challenges associated with natural disasters.
The optimal TILC [10, 11], where the explicit optimal cost function is given and minimized to design optimization-based TILC algorithm, can guarantee monotonic convergence along the iteration axis.
In this work, a data-driven predictive TILC (DDPTILC) scheme is proposed by combining the advantages of data-driven optimal TILC [14] and predictive control [17-19].
For the purpose of comparison, the data-driven TILC approach proposed in [14] is also simulated on the ethanol fermentation process.
No Formal Support: TILC does not benefit from a formal support agreement from Trinity, although Fitch believes Trinity would support TILC due to its important role in the parent's railcar business.
Good Leasing Asset Quality: TILC's credit profile is characterized by good asset quality, sufficient liquidity and low leverage.
This included $846 million in cash and marketable securities, $521 million available on a $600 million revolver, and $595 million available on the $750 billion warehouse facility at TILC, which matures in March 2021.
This FCF estimate excludes cash flow from TILC, which varies widely depending on the level of net investment in railcars.
The relationship between Trinity and TILC is an important rating consideration.
TILC's credit profile is characterized by its good asset quality, solid liquidity and low leverage.