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Belagavi (Karnataka), Oct 9 ( ANI ): The speeding BMW car of Kyle Ticlo, son of Goa Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Glen Tilco, allegedly mowed down a girl in Karnataka's Belagavi on Tuesday.
Richard Verdi, Director of the Barber Institute, is pictured with Islay, Tilco, a Macaw and two Lovebirds by Sir Edwin Landseer (1803-73)' Giambattista Tiepolo: A young Woman with a Macaw, 1760
4.16 TILCO: Time interval Logic with Compositional Operators
Mattolini [1996] and Mattolini and Nesi [1996; 1999] presented TILCO (Time Interval Logic with Compositional Operators), a temporal logic for real-time system specification.
Table VI shows some specifications in TILCO. In this case, the table has only two columns; even in TILCO, special functions can easily be written for defining new temporal operators, as in TRIO and MTL.
He said that they had a very good cultural show on the 15th evening, again at the Tilco Hotel and all the government officials and their families happily participated in the events.
See also, Joan Sangster, "'We No Longer Respect the Law': The Tilco Strike, Labour Injunctions, and the State," Labour/Le Travail, 53 (Spring 2004), 55-6.
Joan Sangster, examining the Tilco strike of the same decade, points out that fordism was a "limited bargain," available only to white, male workers in certain industries.
(13) Joan Sangster, "'We No Longer Respect the Law': The Tilco Strike, Labour Injunctions and the State," Labour/Le Travail, 53 (Spring 2004), 47-87.
"'We No Longer Respect the Law': The Tilco Strike, Labour Injunctions made the State." Labour/Le Travail, 53 (2004), 47-87.
The Tilco affair is the story of this second tier of women workers whose desperate struggle to unionize a factory of just less than 60 employees in a small-town Ontario city sparked a malestrom of wider labour protest, led to the state's successful criminal court cases against 26 other workers after their support picket, and eventually spawned a Royal Commission on labour disputes, itself a storm of controversy, chaired by Justice Ivan Rand, one of the initial legal architects of the Fordist compromise.
As a window into the history of organizing, the Tilco story reveals the entrenched legal and social barriers to unionization that persisted in this period, seemingly an era characterized by the large, powerful industrial union.