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TILESTasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies
TILESTransition/Independent Living/Employment/Support (Florida)
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He came and took up his abode here, taught his wife, her aged mother, and his own mother how to make tiles, and made workmen of them.
He would hurry over to Grenoble in the morning, and sell his bricks and tiles there; then he would return home about the middle of the day, and go back again to the town at night.
There is a good stock of wood here, and all the raw material for the season's work: for, as you know, tiles can only be made during a few months in the year, between June and September.
He has not forgotten to send the thousand tiles to the Grange-aux- Belles for me?
The floors are of square tiles, the chairs and tables of black-looking wood with thin crooked legs and puppy feet.
He went down on his knees and rapidly examined every one of the paving tiles.
Great ditches had to be dug and thousands of tile laid.
resumed Grandfather," did not now stand in tile midst of a gay circle of British officers.
Contract notice: 984-69 tile work, section b, as part of the general renovation and extension of the central school building with outbuildings in neuendettelsau, ba iii general renovation of the central school building
Masood Jaffery, chief executive officer of Shabbir Tiles, said demand of building materials particularly tiles is growing and the company invested in expansion and up gradation to tap the market.
Al Anwar launched 60x60 size outdoor/exterior ceramic tiles with a high thickness of 16 mm.
Netscribes' latest market research report titled Roofing Tiles Market in India 2017 states that the domestic roofing tiles market is currently facing stiff competition from other roofing materials, such as, metal sheets and concrete roofs.