TILPThe Institute of Localisation Professionals (Dublin, Ireland)
TILPTransitional Independent Living Plan (foster care emancipation)
TILPTrypsin Inhibitor-Like Protein (biochemistry)
TILPTransurethral Interstitial Laser Prostatectomy (urology)
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Time elapsed between the end of the stretching and the termination of the H-reflex measurement is a crucial element for looking at the variation of spinal excitability (Budini and Tilp, 2016).
and Tilp, M (2017) One minute static stretch of plantar flexors transiently increases H-reflex excitability and exerts no effect on corticospinal pathways.
and Tilp, M (2016) Changes in H-reflex amplitude to muscle stretch and legthening in humans.
However, Tilp said VW should have made public it could not meet US emissions standards by legal means, adding that if the court did not see it this way, it would limit the plaintiffs' case.
"It's easy to fall into the trap of paying your bills or spending money for capital improvements, only to discover there's nothing left at the end to save for yourself," says Andy Tilp, CFP[R] and founder of Trillium Valley Financial Planning LLC in Sherwood, Oregon.
stocks, and real estate, and start with a small portion of fixed-income assets, such as bonds and treasury-protected securities," says Tilp.
"With your portfolio at a more conservative balance, you can still get growth from the equity side, but you also have an increasing fixed income presence to buffer volatility and help preserve the assets you have saved," says Tilp.
Mohamed Abdelsattar (1), Andreas Konrad (1) [email] and Markus Tilp (2)
Koch and Tilp (2009) already reported a tendency to more second ball hits of men than women.
This indicates that women's beach volleyball is still not as physical as men's beach volleyball which has already been hypothesized by Koch and Tilp (2009).
Our utilized method was similar to those used in recent studies (Fradet et al., 2004; Van den Tillaar and Ettema, 2007) analyzing kinematics of the team-handball throw, and identical to those used for bowling (Ranson et al., 2008) and the volleyball spike jump (Tilp et al., 2008; Wagner et al., 2009).