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TILSTelecom Italia Learning Services (Italy)
TILSTeaching and Learning Support (various universities)
TILSThe Institute of Legal Studies (Islamabad, Pakistan)
TILSTraining Initiative List Scheme (medical training; UK)
TILSTRNA (Transfer Ribonucleic Acid)-Ile-Lysidine Synthase (cell protein)
TILSTMDE Inventory List System
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Does it look real awful, Til? I should hate that Mr.
I know not what thy foul work may be, but foul it is I know from the secrecy which you have demanded, an' I dare say there will be some who would pay well to learn the whereabouts of the old woman and the child, thy sister and her son you tell me they be, who you are so anxious to hide away in old Til's garret.
"Why, you two was scuffling, and he fetched you one with the headboard and you fell flat; and then up you come, all reeling and staggering like, and snatched the knife and jammed it into him, just as he fetched you another awful clip -- and here you've laid, as dead as a wedge til now."
You jest wait 'til to-morrow, and you'll see one of the biggest battles ever was.
With inexpressible hacking and hewing I reduced both the sides of it into chips till it began to be light enough to move; then I turned it, and made one side of it smooth and flat as a board from end to end; then, turning that side downward, cut the other side til I brought the plank to be about three inches thick, and smooth on both sides.
We rushed each other furiously time after time, 'til suddenly, feeling the sharp point of his sword at my breast in a thrust I could neither parry nor escape, I threw myself upon him with outstretched sword and with all the weight of my body, determined that I would not die alone if I could prevent it.
Yehs know how ter treat a f'ler, an' I stays by yehs 'til spen' las' cent!
Master Smilash here will kindly put me up 'til morning."
An' til we came to the Dardanelles and had to wait to get our permit to pass, we never were within hail o' aught.
Better wait til we get you something really fashionable.
We twa hae paidl't i' the burn, Frae mornin' sun til dine:* But seas between us braid hae roar'd, Sin auld lang syne.
It was a brave bird; and til reaching the sea, it regularly fought and drove me backwards Nothing less than heavy blows would have stopped him; ever inch he gained he firmly kept, standing close before me erec and determined.