TILVTreasure Island, Las Vegas
TILVTarget Interaction, Lethality and Vulnerability (warheads)
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The DA official added the laboratory results indicated that the 'amplified 3 segment of the viral ENE [expression and nuclear retention element] has 94 to 95 percent nucleotide similarity to Israel TiLV strain.'
He added that the results of the last two samplings showed negative for TiLV.
On May 26 the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations warned countries of TiLV as it is considered a 'lethal threat' to food security.
They should initiate an active surveillance program to determine the presence or absence of TiLV, the geographic extent of the infection and identify risk factors that may help contain it,' the FAO added.
The FAO said the TiLV poses no public health concern, but could decimate infected populations.
Samples from fish involved in 22 of the 32 outbreaks were positive for TiLV (online Technical Appendix Table 1).
For our study, we selected a field sample positive for TiLV (designated TiLV/Tilapia/Thai/TVl/2016) and processed it for whole-genome sequencing.
Our PCR and whole-genome findings demonstrate genetic homology between TiLV from Thailand and the etiologic agent of a novel RNA virus infection of tilapia in Israel and Ecuador (4,7).
Our results emphasize that the virus isolated from Thailand shares high sequence similarity with TiLV from Israel, suggesting that this virus spreads across continents.