TIMEISTechnology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Information Service (New Delhi, India)
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The two elements of time delay and design change have created a continuing cycle where time delay causes design change and more timeis needed to accommodate design change (Blackburn, 1991; Ulrich and Eppinger, 2000).
A fast timeis more often a pointer to truepace rather than to outstanding ability.
If timeis short, choose what suits you best from the following pages.
TIMEis running out forhouse hunters in Merthyr Tydfil hoping to secure one of the stylish newhomes at George Wimpey'sCae Penderyn development, off Llwyncelyn Close.
That will take time, but timeis a great healer, even of banks.
The first read: ``Its time to go.'' When Alex replied ``eh?'', Michael replied: ``You know when your timeis up'' and then ``Goodbye.'' Alex told the inquest: ``I deleted them because they didn't make any sense to me.''
Strange, thatIt was only my first game but they acknowledged me like I've been here for a very long timeIs this because Dundee fans know that Claudio Caniggia won't actually be there for a long time so they're getting their partying in early?
The movement was able to recruit vast numbers in a short period of timeis there anything more visceral than real estate?making this one of the most tempestuous moments in Israeli political history.
England head to the Caribbean a fortnight today, so timeis of the essence and Butcher warns the aftermath of whatever happens between now and then could be problematic.
Kelman's monumental list of the 100 greatest Jewish songs of all timeis a sort of musical falafel, a savory, imported bit of culture that one is glad to have sampled once or twice but that is never a part of anyone's steady diet.