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TIMELYTime-Constrained Integrated Management of Large-Scale Systems
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He was warm in his thanks for my timely aid and promised that my day's work would bring the reward it merited, for it was none other than a cousin of the jeddak of Zodanga whose life I had saved.
His title of Captain of the Kaolian Road explained his timely presence in the heart of the savage forest, for every highway upon Barsoom is patrolled by doughty warriors of the noble class, nor is there any service more honorable than this lonely and dangerous duty in the less frequented sections of the domains of the red men of Barsoom.
In the present instance, however, as regarded the camping out, his practical view of the matter came as a very timely hint.
Francine rose, on the Sunday morning, before the table was laid for breakfast--resolved to try the effect of a timely word of advice.
All right," he said, by way of timely apology and concession.
So the Island loomed big and timely in Soapy's mind.
Notwithstanding this uncivil exhortation, Miggs gladly did as she was required; and told him how that their young mistress, being alone in the meadows after dark, had been attacked by three or four tall men, who would have certainly borne her away and perhaps murdered her, but for the timely arrival of Joseph Willet, who with his own single hand put them all to flight, and rescued her; to the lasting admiration of his fellow-creatures generally, and to the eternal love and gratitude of Dolly Varden.
The Juvenile Delinquency Guidelines (JDG), recently prepared by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, emphasize timely response at all stages of case processing, including those stages that precede or do not include formal court involvement.
If such a conclusion is not reasonable based on the results of the review, then the account should be timely reconciled before the company's post-closing adjustment review process.
The need for more timely and reliable risk and control assurance has encouraged internal auditors to revisit the theory and practice of continuous auditing.
Unless the taxpayer makes a timely election under Sec.