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TIMITechnology Independent Machine Interface (IBM AS/400)
TIMITechnical Information Maintenance Instruction
TIMIThe Implantable Multi-Use Interface (neuroscience)
TIMIThrombolysis In Myocardial Infarction
TIMIThe International Management Institute (Antwerp, Belgium)
TIMIThrombolysis in Myocardial Ischemia (cardiology)
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The TIMI Study Group is an Academic Research Organization based at Brigham and Women's Hospital that has been leading practice-changing cardiovascular clinical trials for 30 years.
Thus, these data are no more convincing to us than the TIMI group data.
2 The rate of TIMI major or minor bleeding was significantly greater with Effient than Plavix (5.
Patients with coronary ectasia, anomalies, coronary vasospasms, non-selective coronary angiographies, cardiomyopathies, heart failure, and valvular or congenital heart disease, and those with arrhythmias which could induce hemodynamic changes likely to affect the TIMI frame count were excluded from the study.
Two independent operators reviewed and analyzed digitally recorded coronary angiograms to further obtain lesion characteristics, target vessel, complications of procedure, deliverability of the AJ device, determination of procedural success, and TIMI flow grades.
Certain elements from the TIMI Risk Score such as the ECG and troponins bear specific mention.
We are very pleased that the TIMI Study Group will be carrying out the Phase II evaluation of BB-10153 and look forward to working closely with the group and to receiving the benefit of their outstanding experience in this area.
The TIMI Study Group and individual members of the group reported numerous disclosures with respect to grant funding, consulting work, and advisory board participation for various pharmaceutical companies.
Therefore, stenting of the LMCA lesion was performed, using a paclitaxel-eluding stent, which restored TIMI 3 flow to the distal left coronary artery system.