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TIMISTime Management Information System
TIMISTransnational Internet Map Information System on Flooding (EU)
TIMISTreasury Integrated Management Information System
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Timis later sold much off its license to Kosmos Energy, another well-known exploration company with an impeccable track-record.
Timis-Bega hydrographical system is located in the western part of Romania, overlapping the hydrographical basins of Timis and Bega rivers, named after the hydrotechnical works constructed in the two basins.
For demarcating areas of grassland were used data about grasslands area, taken from the local administration of Secas, cadastral maps, topographic maps and orthophotos, taken from the Office of Cadastre and Land Registration, Timis.
Timis is also executive chairman of African Minerals Ltd., which owns and operates the Tonkolili iron ore mine in Sierra Leone.
The region covers two counties with a level of development higher than the national average (Timis. and Arad) and two other counties (Caras-Severin and Hunedoara) passing through an economic crisis and social failure.
Ioannou reported police are just starting to investigate but the possibility that the incident is connected with a robbery in Timis which took place on August 7 has not been ruled out.
Abstract: Automotive enterprises are the most dynamic enterprises in Timis County.
Outside the FTSE, oil explorer Regal Petroleum surged nine per cent since it has parted company with its controversial chairman Frank Timis.
On Wednesday, agriculture payments commissioner Timis Efthymiou said the payment of subsidies will start after Christmas.