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TIMITTexas Instruments and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (transcribed speech; US DARPA)
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The abovementioned four databases constitute two sets of datasets, with one being the combination of FVC2002 DB1 database, the MIT speech database, and the TIMIT corpus and the other being the combination of the FVC2002 DB1 database and the hdu2016_40 short speech database.
In this experiment, 8 Daubechies and 8 Symlet wavelets, which are, respectively, denoted as db1-8 and sym1-8, are employed to decompose speeches that are randomly selected from the TIMIT database.
The speech signal for the loudspeaker consisted of three sentences from the TIMIT [24] database, spoken by a female speaker.
In testing phase, three 1.5-second segments of the test sentences were selected for each target speaker in TIMIT database.
Data and Experiment: Speech database of TIMIT was used for experimental evaluation of the proposed technique (Garofolo et al.
They have studied TIMIT corpora with ANN classifier.
In her analyses of the TIMIT data, Byrd (1994) found that males had significantly faster speaking rates than females on the two calibration sentences that were read by all talkers, and this was true across all dialects of English.
To verify the quality of speech corpora generated from this system, TIMIT corpus is used for evaluating time markers of the words (where they start and end) from text transcriptions generated by force alignment process.
Test-Set 3: Four speech sentences of two male and two female talkers, randomly selected from the phonetically varied sentences of American English from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Texas Instruments/Massachusetts Institute of Technology (TIMIT) Acoustic-Phonetic Continuous Speech Corpus (Garofolo et al.
Note that in this paper the training data is the TIMIT speech database (Garofolo & Lamel, 1993).
In an effort to help the housing market, the bill would temporarily raise the timit on government sponsored or insured loans to $729,750.
A total of 3,719 instances of /t/ allophones were taken from the TIMIT corpus (Garofolo, Lamel, Fisher, Fiscus, Pallett, & Dahlgren, 1993; Zue & Seneff, 1996).