TIMLThis Is My Life
TIMLThis Is My Lawnmower (band)
TIMLTumour-Infiltrating Mononuclear Leukocytes (oncology)
TIMLTitan International Marketing Ltd. (UK)
TIMLTimes Innovative Media Limited (India)
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The brand switch will be completed by October 1 An Absolute spokeswoman said: "When TIML bought the radio station a decision was taken not to buy the brand licence.
TIML has opted not to buy the Virgin Radio brand, preferring to invest pounds 15-million in new branding and content for the radio station, to be operated by Absolute Radio on behalf of TIM, a spokeswomen reported.
TIML is a wholly owned subsidiary within the Bennett, Coleman & Co Group, part of the Times of India Group.
A spokeswomen for TIML said that the company is working with an advertising agency to rebrand the station, with the new brand to be launched in the autumn of 2008.