TIMPTissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase
TIMPTipic Instant Messaging Platform
TIMPTactile Inkjet Mapping Project (blind project; UK)
TIMPTechnical Information Management Plan
TIMPTerminal Interface Message Processor (computer technology)
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MMP and TIMP content may be determined in tissue material or in blood or urine collected from patients.
To evaluate whether collagen type I deposition was associated with alterations of MMPs, we measured time-course changes of MMP-2, MT1-MMP, and TIMP protein expression.
The need for re-evaluation of TIMP as a novel biomarker has arisen as secreted pro-MMPs form a complex with TIMP.
Determination of serum VECF, TIMP, IL-lfi, TNF-a, IL-6, and GM-CSF levels
MMP = matrix metalloproteinases; TIMP = tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases; T0 = baseline; T3 = 3rd month; T6 = 6th month; T9 = 9th month; T12 = 12th month; T15 = 15th month; T18 = 18th month; and T21 = 21st month.
At Timp Valley Floral] we put our heart and soul into what we make.
5,10 TIMPs are regulators of MMPs expression, of which TIMP 1 is an inhibitor of MMP1 and MMP 13.
23) The study which evaluated the impact of MMPs and TIMPs on disease activity showed that MMP-3 is a reproducibly sensitive and specific biomarker of disease activity.
MMP9 seems to be more involved than MMP2 [54], showing a general low MMP/strong TIMP expression in metastatic carcinomas.
Dupa ce sobolanul a intrat in compartimentul intunecat, se inchide usa tip ghilotina si se administreaza un soc electric de 0,3 mA, timp de cinci secunde.
Los TIMP se encuentran ampliamente expresados en todos los tejidos y se regulan en su mayoria de manera conjunta con las MMP (35).
Given the importance of these proteins, little information exists on the presence of TIMPs in teleost fish and in the Atlantic halibut, the sequence of TIMP has not been reported (Kubota et al.