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TINZTobacco Institute of New Zealand
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-Rajiv Laroia, cofounder and CTO of Tinz Optics, who will be honored with the IEEE Communications Society Industrial Innovation Award for “Innovations to Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access Cellular Wireless Data Communication Systems”
(10) CL R--tu aks di aplifment of progris/ layk sel luxo/ av tinz dat yu wan in yu hows IE R--'To ask for the "upliftment" of progress, like say, lujo (luxury) to have things that you want in your house'
Law enforcement may have prevented verbal abuse turning into the kind of ugly violence that occurred after the Wende, bur the novel portrays violence towards Bernhard's dog Tinz and his father, both of whom are killed on what seems to have been a dare.
Nurse Martin was the Director of Nursing at the facility in March of 1998, when Sky Vue was cited by the Pennsylvania Department of Health for failure to "provide each resident with sufficient fluid intake to maintain proper hydration and health." Nonetheless, Nurse Martin's individual performance was evaluated in April of 1998 as "above standard." In the intervening months, Gregory Tinz became the Home Administrator and Nurse Martin's supervisor.