TIOHThe Institute of Heraldry (Ft. Belvoir, VA)
TIOHTemple Israel of Hollywood
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Today, TIOH designs heraldic symbols such as coats of arms, medals, flags, textile insignia, qualification badges, decorations and organizational seals.
Sometimes, the designs are already finished and the unit or agency just needs TIOH to manufacture the item.
"There's a hand done certificate that states (congratulations) on their promotion from the office of the president and signed by the secretary." Only between eight and 10 of those certificates are produced a year, and TIOH only makes them for the Army--the other services make their own.
During the process, a demonstration package is sent out, and the manufacturer is required to reproduce the item in the package and return it to TIOH. Casciaro's division then inspects the samples for quality and ensures the item can be made to the institute's standards.
La densificacion del material al pasar de la metafase anatasa a la fase mas estable rutilo presenta cambios estructurales y morfologicos detectables en una menor presencia de especies hidroxilos de la superficie (TiOH libres y enlazados, observados por analisis FTIR-ATR, no mostrados) y una menor area superficial especifica, la cual disminuyo desde un valor de 140 [m.sup.2]/g hasta valores de 73 [m.sup.2]/g en sintesis con [R.sub.SiO2/TiCl4] [mayor que e igual a] 3, Fig.
It has been reported that Ti[O.sub.2] surface has three different species in water, Ti[OH.sup.+], TiOH, and Ti[O.sup.-] [10].
Many hydroxyl groups such as TiO[H.sub.2], TiOH on Ti[O.sub.2] may absorb [Cl.sup.-] to form TiCl, which may decrease the [H.sub.2] yield in the photocatalysis [16, 17].
Therefore, nanoparticles of [(TiOH).sub.4] appear on the surface of the substrate and convert into Ti[O.sub.2] x n[H.sub.2]O after drying.
Indeed, in pH range 6-8, which includes the point of zero charge PZC ([pH.sub.pZC]) of Ti[O.sub.2] [17,18], Ti[O.sub.2] NPs surfaces are not charged, since they are mainly formed of neutral hydroxyl TiOH groups [19].