TIP47Tail-Interacting Protein of 47
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A recent study has shown that reducing ADRP and TIP47 in the liver via antisense oligonucleotide treatment attenuated steatosis and improved insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism in C57BL/6J mice fed with high-fat diet [24].
Genes Forward [right arrow] Reverse [right arrow] 3'-5' 3'-5' SREBP-1c gcctatttgatgccccctat cccagagaagcaggagaaga HMG CoA tgcttggtttctggctcttt ttaacccattggaggtgagc reductase PPAR-[alpha] cgttttggaagaatgccaag gccagagatttgaggtctgc Perilipin gagcgaattccaagacatcg tgtctcggttttgtcatcca Adipophilin tccgcaatgttacctccttc aagggacctaccagccagtt TIP47 atgtgttcccccaaactgag tgtaggcagcactcaccatc FSP27 actgcagtggtgacccaac atgatgcctttgcgaacct GAPDH aaggggaacccttgatatgg cggagatgatgacccttttg
LSDP5 is a newly identified member of the perilipin, ADFP, and TIP47 (PAT) family, which is ubiquitously expressed in tissues that exhibit high levels of fatty acid oxidation, including the heart, muscle, and liver [12, 40, 41].