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TIPATechnical Image Press Association (magazine association)
TIPATibetan Institute of Performing Arts (Dharamsala, India)
TIPATechnical Image Press Association
TIPATexas Intercollegiate Press Association (est. 1909)
TIPATraining Institute of Public Administration (Albania)
TIPATilted Independent Pixel Approximation
TIPATourism in Protected Areas (legislative initiative; Australia)
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TIPA, which is based in Mission, Texas, represents growers, domestic shippers, import shippers, specialty shippers, distributors and material and service providers.
We would like to thank TIPA once again for honoring our latest flagship P30 Pro.
Cilj ove nerandomizirane retrospektivne studije bio je prikazati rezultate rekonstrukcija bolesnika s defektom hipofarinksa tipa II.
u suvremenom zagrebackom govoru gdje je [gen.sup.mn] e-deklinacije (tipa Pena, oluja) vrlo cesto potpuno identican nom[nom.sup.jd] i to komunikacijski funkcionira bez ikakvih problema (to vrijedi i za neke imenice a-deklinacije kao konja, junaka gdje je [gen.sup.mn] = gen[nom.sup.jd] u Zagrebu).
Senator Cory Gardner was behind this bill too and he was very clear about his believes about Taiwan in his statements announcing TIPA. 'The United States has an obligation to do everything it can to strengthen Taiwan's international standing,' he said.
Now her company TIPA is supplying packaging for Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza, which recently unveiled the world's first shopping aisle stocking goods free of plastic.
Triisopropanolamine (TIPA) is a tertiary amine used in the cement industry as a grinding aid and in formulas of concrete.
By contrast, TIPA can exert high efficiency to hasten the dissolution of FA and cement minerals [24-27].
Incidencija kontaminacije kalema u zavisnosti od tipa rekonstrukcije Graft culture/Bris kalema Negative/ Positive/ Total/Ukupno Negativan Pozitivan N % N % N % Graft type BTB/kost- 142 85,0% 27 81,8% 169 84,5% Tip kalema tetiva-kost Hamstring/ 25 15,0% 6 18,2% 31 15,5% grupa misica Total/Ukupno 167 100,0% 33 100,0% 200 100,0% Table 2.
This is the theme of the powerful exhibition brought together by Moana Tipa with the haunting waiata, the lyrical pain of the music and the grief and political punch of the images.
Its lyrics say it all: 'Kung anu-anong tipa ng nota ang tinutugtog/ Bawat hakbang, skala't kulot, parang 'di nauubusan/ Lalo na sa korda, parang ginusut-gusot and mga notang patung-patong/ Para makuha ang kulay na halos 'di mo na makapa.'