TIPCOTrust International Paper Corporation (Philippines)
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Our company grew so fast that it was starting to choke us," said Robert Lyons, president and co-owner of TIPCO.
TIPCO also changed some employees' roles so they were working with product in the flow.
Tenggara") of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and its subsidiary, TIPCO (Tenggara International Petroleum Company), and an affiliated company, Petmal Oil (Malaysia) Sdn.
Tenggara's affiliate, Petmal Oil, owns 49% of TIPCO (with the balance owned by Tenggara); Petmal and TIPCO are principally involved in the marketing, trading and distribution of a full range of petroleum products in the international market.
The owner of TIPCO and principal owner of the Gibson Companies, Marsh Gibson, will continue to be associated with Heritage as a consultant and as an investor in Heritage Propane Partners, L.
The Gibson and TIPCO companies will add 8 million gallons and 15,000 customers to Heritage's operations.