TIPHONTelecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization over Network
TIPHONTelecommunications Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks (ETSI)
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Los estudios de (Tashtarian et al., 2018; Wawge & Tijare, 2014) expanden estas investigaciones y correlacionan el nivel de los parametros medidos con el nivel de satisfaccion que se genera en el usuario en referencia (TIPHON, 2002) como se detalla en la tabla 1.
Some of the works are freely composed, but there are also tenor cantus firmus settings in a conservative style (including a Pater noster /Ave Maria selling in which the tenor part yields two additional canonic voices for a total oI seven parts), and several works in which liturgical melodies for the given an tiphon or sequence are paraphrased in the various polyphonic voice parts (the edition marks out the connections in the score).
In addition to the overwhelming support of these industry leaders, OSP has been defined within the European Telecommunications Standards Institute's (ETSI) project TIPHON, chartered to establish global standards for Internet telephony.