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TIPLTeach Information Processing Language
TIPLTechcorr India Private Limited
TIPLTrainee Impact on Pupil Learning (Teacher Development Agency; UK)
TIPLTactical Information Processing Laboratory
TIPLTactical Imagery Processing Laboratory
TIPLTemplate Image Processing Library (computer science)
TIPLToshiba India Private Ltd.
TIPLTown of Inlet Public Library (Inlet, NY)
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These are sold to third parties, and used for captive consumption in TIPL.
Also, ATC TIPL, Vodafone and Idea established a preferred partner structure as part of the transactions, pursuant to which Vodafone and Idea with their expanded relationship with ATC TIPL, will receive service level and process efficiency benefits and it will secure some preferential rights for future new business start ups on its existing portfolio and on the sites being acquired in India.
Maintenance and breakdown attending of LT and associated HT OH line of TIPL workshop, Benedih colony ,KKC Main Siding, NKSSY, coal sump etc.
Repair and maintenance of LT and associated HT overhead line of TIPL workshop ,Benedih Colony ,KKC main siding ,NKSSY coal dump etc.
Repair and maintenance of LT and associated HT OH line of fof TIPL workshop ,Benedih Colony, KKC Main siding ,NKKSY coal dump etc.