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For the data graphs, each of the characteristics of the graph is critical for understanding the meaning of the graphic (Kennedy, Tipps, & Johnson, 2008).
Modernization theorists established a direct causal link between 'faulty cultures' and underdevelopment (Blaut, 1992; Tipps, 1973).
Other well-known international social marketing organisations include the TIPPS Project, the PROFIT project, and the Commercial Markets Projects, all funded by USAID.
Former Birmingham City Council treasurer Don and Jean, who he affectionately nicknamed Tipps, were married after the war.
TIPPS procedure is not only expensive but also available at two three centers in Pakistan and the stent alone costs over one thousand US dollars.
A "spill" is what happens when a drinking glass of water tipps over; this is and always has been an unstoppable, unpluggable, uncontrollable, unleashed manmade geyser of disaster.
Tres hechos historicos propiciaron su eclosion: en primer lugar, el surgimiento de los Estados Unidos como potencia hegemonica, en detrimento de Europa occidental (Kennan, 1998) y el impulso economico urgente y exitoso de los paises bajo su influencia, como Taiwan, Corea del Sur y Japon (So, 1991); en segundo lugar, la creacion de un bloque politico y economico comunista en Europa del Este, que impulso un crecimiento economico colectivista volcado en una brutal y acelerada industrializacion; y en tercer lugar, el nacimiento de un movimiento "no alineado" formado por numerosos paises latinoamericanos y las nuevas naciones descolonizadas, centrado en la busqueda de un desarrollo economico rapido capaz de asegurar su independencia (Tipps, 1996).
Research has documented a basic link between community music and church choir, with church music experiences being the most common musical experiences of adult community choir participants prior to high school graduation (Tipps, 1992), and church choir involvement being an influential factor on later community music participation (Faivre-Ransom, 2001).
Crystal Tipps (1970s children's cartoon with the same hairstyle as mine).
best gardening The Edible Garden (BBC Two Wales, Wednesday, 8pm) SHE'S the Pollyanna of the potting shed, the Barbara Goode of Brum, the ginger-haired Crystal Tipps of the compost heap.
Tipps. "Modernization Theory and the Comparative Study of Societies: A Critical Perspective." Comparative Studies in Society and History XV (March 1973).
This group chose the name TIPPS:Teen Impact for Pregnancy Prevention and Services.