TIPRThrombin-Induced Platelet Releasate (hematology)
TIPRTransferable Intellectual Property Rights
TIPRTest Incident Problem Report
TIPRTelecommunications and Information Policy Roundtable (Minnesota)
TIPRTest In-Process Review
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Then, TIPR method using two intensity measurements (one of the two intensity measurements is recorded in the Fourier domain and the other is estimated in the spatial domain from the first step) is used to recover the phase in the spatial domain.
(5) The classical TIPR algorithm using the recorded Fourier amplitude [A.sub.2] and the estimated amplitude [absolute value of [g.sup.est](x, y)] from the first step is used to iteratively recover the phase in the spatial domain.
However, in the second step (i.e., TIPR) of the TSPR, the SNR of the phase recovered increases as high as 45 dB.
The purpose of Experiment 3 is to compare the performance of phase retrieval between our TSPR method and the other two algorithms (TIPR algorithm and SIPR algorithm) under different sampling rates.
As shown in Figures 10 and 11, the TIPR method is the best, the TSPR method is the second, and the SIPR method is the worst.
Cuando la Comision Preparatoria comenzo a discutir los elementos definidores especificos del crimen de esclavitud sexual, no existia jurisprudencia internacional, ni siquiera del TIPY o del TIPR, que especificamente se refiriese a este crimen.
Ha de senalarse que han sido dos los casos de crimenes de esclavitud que se han dirimido ante el TIPY, y ninguno ante el TIPR. El segundo de los casos dirimidos ante el TIPY, el asunto Krnojelac, presento dos diferencias importantes concernientes al crimen de esclavitud respecto a como se contemplo este mismo crimen en el asunto Kunarac y otros.
107, en el primer caso que se vio ante el TIPR, es decir, en el asunto Akayesu, los testigos declararon en juicio que se habian producido casos de violaciones en grupo, diversos casos de violacion, violaciones con objetos extranos, violaciones de ninas de tan solo 6 anos de edad, desnudez forzada, aborto forzado, matrimonio forzado, provocacion de abortos espontaneos, violaciones con intencion vejatoria, prostitucion forzada, tortura sexual y esclavitud sexual.
"We are very excited to have BCI on our team," said Don Arturo Diaz, president and founder of Empresas Diaz and Developer of TIPR. "Their extensive experience in the Caribbean and surrounding region played a key role in our decision to bring them on board.