TIPTToronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (Toronto, Canada)
TIPTTime Independent Perturbation Theory (atomic physics)
TIPTTransition Integrated Product Team
TIPTTelstra Internet Protocol Telephony
TIPTTest Integrated Product/Process Team
TIPTTransition Integrated Project Team
TIPTTelecommunications Integrated Product Team (FAA)
TIPTTransparency Integrated Product Team (US Air Force)
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Either Ti glycolate (9b) or Ti/Li glycolate (9c) was prepared after heating the TIPT with or without Li acetate dihydrate in ethylene glycol.
The TIPT in ethylene glycol was easily hydrolyzed to the titanic acid using excess water, followed by acid-base neutralization with Mg[(OH).
No es posible--salvo por la ceramica--diferenciarlos del TIPT, ya que la ocupacion local consistio en pequenos campamentos transitorios, principalmente en abrigos rocosos y con tecnologia litica muy similar.
The TIPT recently identified significant overlaps among three joint initiatives requiring readiness data: the Global Force Management Data Initiative, the Force Management Integration Project, and the Deployment Readiness Recording System.
As the time for completion of the ACTD approaches, an overarching integrated product team (OIPT) should be formed as a successor to the TIPT.
To the extent possible, representatives should be included as members of the TIPT.
The new app development environment integrates the TIPT solution with customer business applications.
The TIPT App Development Environment consists of an open Application Programming Interface (API) accessible over the internet by customers and third party developers.
Philip Jones, Telstra Executive Director Global Products & Solutions said, We are enabling our customers and partners to do things that they haven t been able to do before by integrating our carrier grade voice and video TIPT solution into their businesses.
Telstra partners are already using the TIPT App Development Environment to provide innovative solutions for their customers.
Myles McNamara, Camelon ICT Solutions General Manager said, With the TIPT App Development Environment, we re not just imagining the possibilities of a whole new suite of solutions including CRM integration and wizard tools, we re making them happen for our TIPT customers.