TIR1Transport Inhibitor Response 1
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Altogether, we obtained 83 TIR1 (9.7%), 605 TIR2 (70.4%), 129 TIR3A (15.0%), 19 TIR3B (2.2%), 6 TIR4 (0.7%), and 17 TIR5 (2.0%) nodules (TIR2 versus other results; P < 0.01).
Jasmonic acid signaling pathway includes the receptor CORONATINE INSENSITIVE 1 (COI1), an F-box protein related to the auxin receptor TIR1. COI1 is a component of an ubiquitin-ligase complex which mediates the degradation of negative regulators, such as histone deacetylases and JA-ZIM domain (JAZ) proteins, which are known to repress jasmonic acid-regulated genes expression (Farmer, 2007).
Auxin binding-protein1 (ABP1), a receptor to regulate auxin transport and early auxin genes in an interlocking system with PIN proteins and the receptor TIR1. Plant Signaling and Behavior 6:1101-1103.
One team, led by Mark Estelle of Indiana University in Bloomington, identified the receptor by using engineered insect cells to produce TIR1. The researchers then tested whether the protein would combine with auxin in a simplified environment devoid of hundreds of other plant chemicals.
Similar results with TIR1 made by frog cells came from the other team, led by Stefan Kepinski of the Umea Plant Science Center in Sweden and Ottoline Leyser of the University of York in England.
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However, In the presence of high auxin, the F-box protein TRANSPORT RESPONSE1 (TIR1), one type of ubiquitin protein ligases (E3) called SCFTM (Petroski & Deshaies, 2005), binds to the Aux/IAA proteins, resulting in their ubiquitination and degradation, thus derepressing auxin-inducible gene expression.
The TIR1 protein of Arabidopsis functions in auxin response and is related to human SKP2 and yeast grr1p.
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