TIRELThe Institutional Real Estate Letter (Institutional Real Estate, Inc.; San Ramon, CA)
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(a) Primary amino acid sequence alignment of TirEl and TirE2 to bacterial TIR-domain-containing proteins and human TIR-domain-containing proteins.
(7) Guillaume Tirel (also known as Taillevant) is believed to have lived from around 1312 to 1395.
Tirel claimed he had been aiming at a large deer at the time and missed.
This knowledge is being used to support the production of Sorona and Tirel as they share a lot of ingredients, and help defray DuPont's $200-million investment in the cellulosic refinery.
"Here the focus is on manufacturing optimal quality at the lowest possible unit costs," says Tirel. "For this purpose we take a look, together with our customers, at the entire value chain starting with product design, through configuration of the mold, machine and peripheral equipment, right up to process integration, process control, and production planning."
Owner, John Tirel , lives abroad but the firm's finance director Kevin Gillingham, said last night: `` There is no definite date for the closure of the homes, but we gave our statutory 28-days notice on December 18.
Owner John Tirel lives abroad, but the firm's finance director Kevin Gillingham said: ``There is no definite date for the closure of the homes, but we gave our statutory 28 days' notice on December 18.''
Agathe said: "My old coach, Alan Tirel, is flying in from the Reunion Islands, where I come from, and it will take him 15 hours to get here just so he can see me play for Celtic.
One of them was a Frenchman named Walter Tirel, Lord of Poix, a close friend of the King and the only one who stayed with him when the party scattered in the chase.
Guillaume Tirel (also known as Taillevent), cook to Charles V, sometime before 1380 compiled Le Viandier, one of the first cookbooks to establish some fixed rules and principles in cooking.