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TIRESTotal Integrated Road Evaluation System (rating scale)
TIRESTransposable and Interspersed Repetitive Elements (genomes)
TIRESTire Initiative for Research, Education and Safety (Tire Industry Association)
TIRESTransportation Interface and Reporting System
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In the mid-1950s, the tire manufacturer continued to grow its portfolio and entered the original equipment market for car tires, initially as a supplier to General Motors.
Visually check your tires regularly and have them examined by an expert, such as a tire dealer, every five years for evidence of degradation or damage that you might not recognize.
RMA has ranked states by their overall performance in dealing with scrap tire issues, noting how the states have improved since the previous scrap tire report in 2003.
Several product managers recommend solid or foam-filled tires to customers operating material handling equipment in C&D recycling or demolition environments.
No real surprises there, except that a typical race tire has a tread face as thick as two credit cards, and requires unique processing techniques.
Keep the right amount of air in tires. Never over-inflate tires to make 'em match in size or circumference.
The friction between a car tire and the underlying asphalt drops off dangerously in rainy weather.
* Check tire size: "If you own a used car, you can not trust that the previous owner put the right size tires on your car." He suggests that you consult the tire information sticker usually located on the inside of the driver's door post.
In McIntosh and Wong's affordable technique, the tires are shredded, then baked until they form gas under extreme heat in an airtight oven.
Because lift truck tires function to cushion the truck operator, the load being handled, and the truck itself from shock and excessive vibration, their operating condition is critical to truck performance and safety.
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