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The compartments of the lower leg were determined by defining specific regions of interest (ROIs) in the axial T1-weighted sequence images according to the anatomic margin of each muscle [medial gastrocnemius muscle (MGM), lateral gastrocnemius muscle (LGM), soleus muscle (SM)] and copying them over the T2-weighted TIRM and T2-mapping sequence images.
[R.sub.1], [k.sup.trans], [k.sub.ep], ve, and iAUC maps and TIRM and postC were used for first- and second-order feature extraction.
In 2010, tirm was listed as "The Owner - too busy for all your problems." In that role, Vaulin was likely receiving a share of the site's estimated $17 million in annual ad revenue, ( according to the criminal complaint .
Zaidi, M.I., Wattoo, F.H., Wattoo, M.H.S., Tirm. 2012 African Journal of Microbiology.
"Backgrounder, August 2, 2000, Toronto's "TIRM" Project." As viewed at October 23, 2000.
That fall, the new city council once again confronted the waste issue and passed a new waste management strategy called the Toronto Integrated Resource Management (TIRM) Process.
Los modelos de decision estudiados en ingenieria economica se centran en el analisis de flujos de caja y la determinacion de criterios como el valor presente neto (VPN), la tasa interna de retorno (TIR), la tasa interna de retorno modificada (TIRM), por mencionar algunos, pero al parecer estos criterios no son suficientes al momento de evaluar inversiones en sistemas de informacion, programas de calidad, programas de mejoramiento continuo, programas de investigacion y desarrollo, alianzas estrategicas, joint ventures, etc.