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TISATop Image Systems, Ltd. (stock symbol; formerly TPM)
TISATax Incentivised Savings Association (UK)
TISATransitional Islamic State of Afghanistan
TISATroop Issue Subsistence Activity
TISATraveller Information Services Association
TISATime Interpolation and Spatial Averaging
TISATrent International Student Association
TISATruth in Savings Act of 1991
TISATemporal Interpolation and Spatial Averaging
TISATotal Interior Systems of America
TISATottenham Independent Supporters' Association (UK)
TISATelecom Industries Service Association (India)
TISATechnique for Interactive Systems Analysis
TISAThe Institute for Social Accountability (Kenya)
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As for the rules on lead for fishing, they're fairly clear, according to Tisa.
The four affected sitios in Barangay Tisa were Lutaw-lutaw, Tacao, Luhai, and Kauswagan.
The turkey federation, Tisa added, "has been very anxious to do something for youth.
Tisa said the state's fisheries biologists have been aware of the testing for pharmaceuticals in rivers across the country for at least the past five years.
Only once the talks are concluded will MEPs have the final say on whether to approve or reject a TiSA deal.
Based on the 2010 government census, Tisa had a population of 35,600, next only to Guadalupe (60,400).
South Sudan's new finance minister Aggrey Tisa Sabuni (C) with his counterparts during the swearing-in ceremony August 7, 2013 (Photo: L.
But when visited by the reporters yesterday, officials of barangays Labangon and Tisa denied getting cars from the former congressman.
Contract notice: Procurement of three guard boats in the eu-co-funded ipa hu-srb project across the tisa.
Tenders are invited for Execution of Construction and Assembly for Regularization Remeti Tisa River, Maramures County Project Code Smis - Cnrs 38,657.
Tenders are invited for Technical Assistance Services for Works Supervision for the Regularization Remeti Tisa River, Maramures Smis - Cnrs 38657