TISECTidal in-Stream Energy Conversion (renewable energy)
TISECTheological Institute of the Scottish Episcopal Church (UK)
TISECTongue In Someone Else's Cheek
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Tisec is the use of tidal energy from ocean tides to produce power.
It also carried out a thorough review and analysis of proven Tidal In-Stream Energy Conversion (Tisec) technologies.
The evaluation process led to the selection of Sabella as the implementor of the Tisec technology.
As the top hanger connections are difficult to inspect and identify initiating cracks, on-going inspection-based maintenance was implemented by TISEC at the hangers at this location.
Freeman, National Center for Toxicological Research USFDA; Brian Frost, Argonne National Laboratory (DOE); Robert Hay, TISEC Inc.; Stephen Howard, U.S.
The two partners said this will be the maiden Tidal In-Stream Energy Conversion (Tisec) project not just in the country but also in Southeast Asia.