TISEOTarget Identification System, Electro-Optical
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Lincoln International, an independent investment bank, has said that Christine Tiseo, managing director, has been recognised as one of the 25 Most Influential Women in Mid-Market M&A by Mergers & Acquisitions magazine.
Tiseo joined Lincoln International 12 years ago and has been a leader in expanding Lincoln's Debt Advisory practice.
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Maxwell reviewed the avionics and armaments, focusing on three items: (1) the Tactical Electronic Warning System (TEWS), whose development cost the panel favored separating from the F-15 program; (2) Target Identification Sensor-Electronic Optical (TISEO), a device for target identification beyond visual range; and (3) the AIM 7-E-2 missile, a backup for the AIM-7F Sparrow.
Tal es el caso, por ejemplo, de Frank Tiseo, Leon Llwellyn y Slawek Garecki, que ensenan Educacion para el uso de los Medios de Comunicacion dentro del programa del curso de Comunicacion que imparten en el noreste de Montreal.
Paola Mozzoni, (1) Luca Ampollini, (2) Matteo Goldoni, (3) Rossella Alinovi, (3) Marcello Tiseo, (4) Letizia Gnetti, (5) Paolo Carbognani, (2) Michele Rusca, (2) Antonio Mutti, (3) Antonio Percesepe, (1) and Massimo Corradi (3)
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TOP BRANDS (MILLIONS) YEAR AGO SHARE Private label $6.0 40.4% 29.0% Udi's 4.5 21.6 22.1 Kinnikinnick Foods 1.4 12.2 7.0 Stefanos 1.0 70.4 5.0 Tiseo 0.8 11.8 3.9 House of Pasta 0.7 -5.1 3.3 Guttenplans 0.6 21.1 3.1 Calise & Sons Bakery 0.6 0.6 3.0 Against the Grain Gourmet 0.5 79.2 2.4 Rhodes 0.4 -4.2 2.0 Category total 20.6 16.9 100.0 UNIT SALES CHANGE VS.
(9.) Tiseo M, Bordi P, Bortesi B, et al;Bio-FAST Trial Group.