TISTToc H Institute of Science and Technology (Kerala, India)
TISTTsukuba Institute of Science & Technology (Japan)
TISTTeda International School Tianjin (China)
TISTTibetan Institute of Science and Technology (now Kunsel Kyetsal; Golok, Tibet)
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Nair, TIST professor, commented This is extensively used in ophthalmology and oncology.
N M Butt renowned Nano Scien tists appreciated the holding of the semi nar and said that such events should con tinue in future as it would help a lot in creating an environment where especially young scientists would get encouraged to wards research activities.
Washington (DC): American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthe tists [cited 2009 Sep 9].
She shows me plans to have statues of Motown ar tists erected around Detroit and tells me the best places to visit.
My guess is that ar tists of the future will look to these as examples of the "new art"--however that ultimately manifests itself.
C LAD: Our Terry (right) thinks Hollywood superstar Jolie has perfect lips for make-up ar tists
Elsewhere, he invoked the moral imperative that "We as social scien tists must find a way to insure that the integrity of our discipline is maintained" (763-64).
To investigate these questions, Yale scien tists removed one eye of a monkey fetus and asked whether the remaining eye, with its extra connections, would perform better or worse than one eye of a normal monkey.
The seeker in him has also lead to his working with neuroscienA[degrees] tists at the Mind and Life Institute, founded by the Dalai Lama, on researching the influA[degrees] ence of art on the mind.
It's great to be oviding these tists with a l at for m nd they elp to eep ur O, rrt lneeu providing artists p at and help keep our vnel levant - it will event and relevant be Glasgow's let's get vent new, fresh nd rel e am asgo t's ge Fans ay b l ca ww.
tists may even find a possible solution or an ' intervention' that can solve the problem.