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TISWASToday Is Saturday Watch and Smile (children's programme shown on UK TV in the 1970s and 1980s)
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The original Tiswas all-in-one was made by Matthew's mum Pauline, now sadly deceased, and has now been handed down to an eight-yearold niece.
Comedian Jasper Carrott, meanwhile, used the show to introduce people to the Dying Fly dance, while The Four Bucketeers had a top 30 hit with The Bucket of Water Song in 1980 - one of the highlights of each show was seeing visiting viewers and celebrities housed in the Tiswas cage having buckets of water thrown at them.
But the antics on Tiswas, which stood for Today Is Saturday, Watch And Smile, would not wash today - as they discovered at a 2007 reunion show.
Depending which one of them you believe TISWAS stood for This Is Saturday, Watch And Smile or Today Is Saturday, Wear A Smile.
It was the BBC's answer to ITV's anarchic Tiswas, hosted by Chris Tarrant.
Thomas, however, blotted his copybook by celebrating his strike by doing the Dying Fly, which originated on the TISWAS show.
THE sofa used by the original stars of the classic Tiswas children's show has been rediscovered - and put back on air in Birmingham.
It took me back to the good old days when Saturday mornings were spent in front of the box watching Tiswas.
No such anarchy would be allowed in today's health and safety obsessed world but was an essential ingredient of ITV's Tiswas, which would be 40 this year.
Paul may have been just eight years old when he appeared on the Birmingham made TV show Tiswas but it certainly left an impression.
QUIRKY: Star of Tiswas mayhem Sally James is stickler for school rules.
Head down memory lane as the show looks back at classics such as Blue Peter, Bagpuss, Captain Pugwash, Going Live and Tiswas.