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TISWASToday Is Saturday Watch and Smile (children's programme shown on UK TV in the 1970s and 1980s)
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I did go off and do other shows but nothing that was deemed to have the status of Tiswas and then I stopped and had my three kids.
Sally James, presenter of Tiswas, hits Sue Tranter in the face with a custard pie on the Children's TV programme, and Peter Tomlinson (right) the new High Sheriff of the West Midlands, with predecessor John Crabtree
"After each Tiswas show finished at lunchtime on Saturdays we'd be drinking in the bar for three hours in the afternoon then I'd be down on the fish market at 5pm for my bait for fishing.
left in 1982 for the ill-fated adult version of Tiswas called OTT, also starring Alexei Sayle.
'I loved the wackiness of Tiswas. They had a really great team doing unpredictable things.
In fact, I have discovered that husband was a Tiswas fan and I now intend to take time out to reconsider our future.
As Tarrant used to say on Tiswas: This is what they want!
But when it came to Saturday mornings, Swap Shop wasn't even on the same planet as Tiswas. The former was for squares who wanted to get shot of the unwanted but extremely expensive Cindy or Hornby kit they got for Christmas, while the latter was for, well, seeing gallons of water and tons of custard pies flung around in glorious anarchy.
Shows such as Golden Shot (now in colour), Celebrity Squares, Tiswas and New Faces were all made in Birmingham.
They first poked their heads above the parapets in 1997 when they debuted at Tiswas (not the fondly-recalled kids TV show based on Chris Tarrant's madcap humour and Sally James's cleavage but a 60s R&B and British pop institution in downtown NYC).
SPIT the Dog, star of 1970s kids show Tiswas, was sold at auction yesterday for pounds 5,000.