TITAHTotally Implantable Total Artificial Heart
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While both Titah and Barki (2006) and Norris and Lloyd (2006) offer exhaustive assessments, their reviews delineate that the paucity of theoretical frameworks sidetracks ongoing hypothesis-testing.
Launched on Saturday 31 January 2009 at the DBP in Berakas (special guest YAM PSN Mohd Yusof); 292pp; includes twenty-four National Day titah, plus the proclamation of independence; BND15.00 of which three dollars would be contributed to a Humanitarian Fund for the Palestinian People (PB R.
A titah (order) of His Majesty in 1984 already referred to the concept of Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB: Malay, Muslim, Royal Subject), and it has been particularly emphasised since 1990.
However, even if this was originally an error by the Sultan's speech-writer, there is no doubt that National Registration officials would have taken note (if they saw the reference in the Brunei press) and might well have begun to apply, or stood ready to apply, this "new rule" because it had the apparent status of a royal pronouncement (titah), overriding gazetted legislation.
(56) In a second letter, the Sultan stated that he had pronounced a titah, or royal decree, "irrevocably appointing and anointing" Tuanku Ehsan as his successor and heir, and requesting MacBryan in his capacity as her official guardian to inform the Colonial Office that she was to be known henceforth as Puteri Besar, or Heir Apparent.
MacDonald certainly regarded the letters, with the possible exception of the titah, as spurious, but then he had never been inclined to give "the little Sultan" much credit.
Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin had left no legitimate male heir, but the supposed 1937 agreement with his wazir and the 1 June 1950 titah meant that it was still open to MacBryan to challenge the legality of Omar Ali Saifuddin's succession and push instead for the installation of the then sixteen years old Tuanku Ehsan as ruler.
He was Chairman of the Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation from its establishment on 5 October 1992 until 2001; and indeed his role in establishing the Yayasan was acknowledged by HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah himself in a titah delivered on Saturday 27 May 2003: "I must not forget to express my appreciation to [Pehin Abdui Rahman] who made special contributions to the Foundation till it was established and launched.